Significant Moments In Time

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Significant Moments In Time

Postby ssar » Sun Mar 08, 2009 11:57 am

I have posted this a couple of years ago elsewhere..


Use this thread to post your comments, discussion, statistics etc. about a Significant Moment In Time (S.M.I.T.) event.

My definition of a S.M.I.T. is when the figures in the time & date at a certain instant in time form a significant and/or interesting pattern.

For example, tomorrow morning (several hours after this post is submitted), using a standard common Australian format, at 9 mins & 7 secs after 7am, the date & time can be written thus:
07/09/07 07:09:07 - (9 minutes & 7 seconds past 7am on Friday the 7th of September 2007)

Another example: During Tuesday morning the 6th of June 2006, using a standard common format used in many parts of the world, at 6 mins & 6 secs past 6am the date & time was:
06/06/06 06:06:06


Note 1) The official modern International Standard of Date & Time notation, ISO 8601 specifies a format other than the above, which results in much rarer S.M.I.T. events when adhered to.
That is, the instant in time mentioned would at least be expanded to:
2007-09-07 07:09:07

But even then that is still ammended from the full ISO 8601 format, which at Greenwich, England, is shown thus:
2007-09-07T07:09:07Z, or even: 20070907T070907

The inclusion of letters in the official format somewhat detracts from a S.M.I.T. event, but it is not unreasonable to remove these & use a combination of casual & official formats, resulting in:

Note 2) At 9 mins & 7 secs after 7pm on the same day (Friday the 7th of September 2007), the popular 24 hour time quoting convention again detracts from the S.M.I.T. claim as it would be shown thus:
07/09/07 19:09:07 - (9 minutes & 7 seconds past 7pm on Friday the 7th of September 2007)


Some interesting possibilities arise when you start to use Roman Numerals to represent numbers, as well as applying varying degrees of time & date format conventions from around the world.

SO, brace yourselves for this upcoming, and all future S.M.I.T. events - I hope we survive those which we can reasonably expect to experience within our lifetimes.
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Postby ssar » Sun Mar 08, 2009 11:58 am

Heads up.

In a bit over 2 hours from the time of posting this, the time & date here will be:

09/03/09 09:03:09

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Postby Gormal » Sun Mar 08, 2009 3:15 pm

You are too late for 1234567890 day: ... 56789.html
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