Indiana TorilMUD Gathering 2006

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Indiana TorilMUD Gathering 2006

Postby Jenera » Tue Jan 17, 2006 9:26 pm

On again, off again, on again, off again, yes I feel like a total twit. Unlike people with lots of savings and good credit and all that, Derek and I needed a loan to make this wedding go through. We discovered our credit wasn't good enough due to moments of bad financial decisions and lost jobs and we were denied multiple times. No money, no wedding. Yes, a lot of people have suggested all kinds of things to make it happen, but whether the wedding costs a couple hundred or multiple thousands, it's not happening. So sorry to all the folks I got involved in this. Derek and I will probably go to the courthouse in the next month or so and sign the paperwork and be married and who knows, one day in the future, you guys can come see us have a wedding.

The gathering is still on as that's not a huge expense and I'll put aside the little bit of money for that and people have already commented that they'll donate a buck or two.

Now you guys get to suggest several things and for the love of god, could you guys be serious about it? I will readily admit that the current situation is completely my fault, but of course I'm not happy about it. The gathering is about 6 months away. I need a slogan and food suggestions. The slogan I liked best from a previous thread was TorilMUD - The Text Adventure Your Friends Will Never Understand. If you guys can think of something better, please tell me. As for food, fingerfood type things were suggested, but other than crab rangoon, deviled eggs, and chocolate chip cookies, I'm coming up blank.

Something else I'd like to request is what we can do on Saturday. Friday is for the meet and greet, everyone arrives, talk, eat, drink, hate/love each other. There were suggestions of going bowling or something. Last year we went to the mall, had supper at a buffet type restaurant, and went to the bar. Considering what happened last year, I really don't want to go to the bar again. If I can find out how much it would cost to use the community center for a few hours, maybe we can get a huge poker game going on.

Again, sorry for the turn of events. No one is more disappointed than I. Have a good night folks.
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