Charisma and Bards

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Charisma and Bards

Postby ikari » Thu Jul 05, 2018 12:28 am

Hi All,

I do know that atm charisma does not do much, even for a bard, still I do try to get a better understanding how it works, and what people do know.

What I did understand:
- Charisma determines the prices in shops
- Charisma determines the amount of Mana a bard has
- Mana is used to sing songs

What I did notice:
Even if you increase your Charisma with items (and maxCha items) prices do not become lower in shops (not fully tested)
On my bard I never run out of mana it seems, I can not see how much I have, but I always can sing

So... how does Charisma work, what does it do?

And the final question, is Charisma worth it somehow for a Bard... And with the changes/evaluation to classes, will there be looked at Bards and Charisma?

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